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Strength in numbers

So many of us are going through some type of struggle. Build your support system with people you have confidence in and know have your back for real not just when good for them. Whether it is mental, spiritual, physical, financial, emotional... the list goes on. Finding a quiet space for the mind to relax, release and regenerate new ideas, new cells and new levels of consciousness comes through meditation. Whatever you must do to make some space in your mind whether working out, painting, writing, cooking, hiking. Celebrate the good things life brings, that is where the clarity and strength comes within ourselves for more abundance, more of what we truly desire. Evaluation of self and who you have in your circle, in your home, or work, who you allow the privilege to be in your presence anywhere has a lot to do with if your cup is being filled or emptied. First law of nature is self preservation I get it! However our world is filled with givers and takers, givers contribute to projects, ideas, making things happen, takers take away and gain from what you have provided for them without any intention of giving back anything at all. Which side are you on? If you do not know which way to go or what to do next! Do nothing! Be still! And allow yourself to be in the moment. We don’t always have the answers to our life situations but when we are still and allow our brain to rest from the stresses of life and finding the answers, the answers will come to you. Be well, Be Kind, Be true, Be grateful always.

Here is one of my favorite photos from Bull Bay in Jamaica WI. ✌🏾



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