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Mental health is Spiritual health

The world we live in is so full of takers, takers of energy, Skills, Ideas, Attention, Time, Resources, Kindness, Loyalty, Money, Advice, Inspiration, Motivation the list goes on an on an on an on...being aware of this allows ourselves to take control of how much we retain before our own cup is empty! No takers are depositing and only the givers of the world refill and replace the energy withdrawals with some good uplifting spiritual energy deposits. I am a giver and am sharing to all other givers out there who read this. It is ok to shut off, Shut down for 10 mins, 1 week or 4 weeks if you can; just to love on yourself and give to yourself, to fill your spiritual cup and replenish the withdrawals we deposit into the world. Self love deposits complete with peace of mind help to slow things down a bit. If we don’t decide this for ourselves, no one else will! Oh an remember It’s ok to say NO!

I am not perfect an I admit I have been protecting my energy and recharging, latley , especial as Mercury is retrograde, refilling my cup to rebuild and refuel ME! Secluding myself from people places and things that do not serve me or draw my energy dry! If I don’t do this and take time for me no one else will, no one will tell me to (with the exception of thouse who truly love me and have my back for real! I salute you.) As a single mother, daughter, realtor, entrepreneur, entertainer, I feel it tremendously when I am having an emotionally spiritually draining human experience. A mental and spiritual burn out is real and happens to the best of us, especially when we do not make time to quiet our minds and slow down a fast moving train every once in a while, even trains need to refuel.. “if anybody wants any thing they gotta do it themselves “.

-Redefine Yaself ( this how I’m feelin right now)

Yes, it’s true I have been working, grinding, hustling hard to promote my passions to businesses and of thouse around me who I support, respect and love to a point where I have become overwhelmed, fed up, an tired. It can be like this when doing everything alone, it’s not easy, my crown is heavy, but I bare it. I know I am not the first or the last to say this, but am speaking up for thouse who feel alone and are silent baring all the stresses of life alone.

If you take anything from this read. Clear the negative energy blocks! that hinder us all. Recharge and redefine yaself, go through the transformation and evolve. If you don’t know how ask some one or reach out for help!

Candle light, incense, bubble baths meditate and BREATH! Here is a pic I took during my trip to Jamaica!

Happy New month✌🏾Be well. Be peace. Be Kind to yourself.

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