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I am true to me!

We don’t have to prove ourselves or our authenticity to anyone! Let me say it again. WE DO NOT have to prove ourselves or explain ourselves or our authenticity to anyone but ourselves! When I go to sleep at night and look at myself in the mirror I am cool with who is looking back at me!

When you are genuine, happy in your skin and proud to be who you are becoming and true to yourself this reflection reflects outward automatically to the people who see you and become inspired by you. As within so without, as above so below. Don’t let anyone tell you what you already know about yourself. I AM A single mother and have been raising my boys alone for a very long time providing, producing, excelling without any support or asking anyone for anything while becoming my greatest version. I am a realtor and a creative see my work at the website below 😎

Take a walk in my shoes 👠 👠

Be inspired✨

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