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As within so without

Settle your body, mind and soul to align with the things you truly want and desire in life. Be specific and daring. Don't be afraid to let go and use your wings to fly high above the mountain ranges, feel the wind and the breeze pushing and guiding you. This is the beauty of life, when we recognize our strengths which is our super power. Let go of the blade before you cut yourself. Allow your spirit to live a life of true abundance and let the universe, God and the world around you step in and lead you to your destiny! Keep a balance, remember no one is perfect, we have our good and bad days, ups and downs, rights and wrongs being able to elevate high to a high vibration and frequency when dealing with challenge is what makes us alchemists. Be you, Be Brave and BE TRUE.

Much love and respect, thank you to all who support me and are on this journey with me.

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