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A Social Less Society

In a world where hugging, touching, socializing, visiting, unifying is prohibited or restricted and social distancing and wearing a mask is what “they” want to be a new norm, it is clear that becoming cyborgs is the goal! Cellphones capturing our whereabouts, what we buy, listening to what we say SMH...were we do what they say and don’t question any of it!!! QUESTION EVERYTHING!! We must stand up for our freedom and right to live free, according to the universal language we were born free, with the freedom to choose, the freedom to move around, the freedom to speak and create! There Are principals to this universe:






Cause and Effect


We better start speaking up as a collective and supporting each other! Embrace love not fear! Fear is false evidence appearing real!! Fear is a low vibrational sphere that keeps people from thinking for themselves. Be the change you want to see, exercise patients and learn alchemy how to become an alchemis.

See that each and everyone of us are powerFUL not PowerLESS!

let that sink in!

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