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What do you see in your future? Have you asked yourself? future is birthed in our minds, only we have the power to bring our future toward us! If you or anyone you know have thought about buying or selling a home in 2022 feel free to  request a complimentary copy of the Buyer/Seller guide.  This guide will help you to better understand at a glance  how to prepare to purchase or list your new home. Having some idea of what to expect  before, during and after the escrow process has closed will make you one of Arizonas best and prepared clients making the process better for you and all those involved. Learn which vendors you need, the different ways to take title, why title insurance is important. Knowing your team members and being guided by their professional expertise is essential! 

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I have known and worked with Ronetta (Ronzee) Henry going on 4 years. In that time she has demonstrated excellent professional traits, communications and work behaviors. Ronzee understands and practices professional behaviors and ethics at the highest levels as she delivers her real estate services. She instills confidence by representing her clients interests during engagements among the company, property owners, and tenants. Ronzee is committed to best in industry practices and performance in all that she does. Ronzee listens well and employs clear and concise answers/explanations to questions. She is very articulate when discussing complex details of real estate management topics. Ronzee delivers thorough topical coverage in her correspondence and is receptive of and responsive to client requests. Ronzee follows directives particularly well and works doggedly to complete actions in a timely manner. She manages time and temp well when working to a decision or carrying out a project. She also organizes and manages work tasks well when dealing with subcontractors. Ronzee is level headed in temperament and maintains good humor when working through more difficult aspects of managing property. Additionally, she is willing to respond assertively when addressing issues as warranted. In summary, Ronzee has been a delight to know and work with as my property manager. She is one of the most competent and sensible professionals I have had the pleasure to work with in my 40+ years of real estate ownership.

Randy A., Ph. D.

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Your Real Estate Agent

Whether you’re looking to invest in your first property, an upgraded new property, help selling your current one, or simply looking for a rental I look forward to leading you to achieving your goals. Experienced listing and buyers agent with years of property management; I am a skilled licensed agent in real estate sales. I’m a dedicated professional, ready to handle all your real estate needs. Let me be your guide, inspiration, motivation and resource to unlocking doors.

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